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Picture of Dorj 4 (downloadable)

Dorj 4 (downloadable)

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"Dorj" multimedia is being used and accepted widely by all those who are interested in Persian literature and poems in last few years. On this basis "Mehr Argham Rayaneh" has decided to publish newer versions of this special product.

If you are one of the users of "Dorj 3" software and are acquainted with its features, you can see "Dorj 4" newest and unique features as follows:

  • Containing 236 literary texts from 143 Persian poets and writers.
  • More than 1,200,000 distiches and 300,000 paragraphs.
  • Classifying the poets and writers according to alphabet, style and their geographical locations.
  • The possibility of taking notes on the poem’s distiches.
  • The possibility of putting tag on special information and their search results.
  • Dictionary with the word offering possibility.
  • Dictionary for idioms on the basis of Dehkhoda’s Amsalo Hekam.
  • The possibility of updating this software by connecting to internet.
  • The fast search in distiches and poems.
  • The possibility of filtering the existing information in the different parts of the software.
  • 1000 minutes declaim of Hafiz Ghazaliat by Amir Nouri.
  • 300 minutes declaim of Saadi Glestan by Amir Nouri.
  • The possibility of having sortes with Hafez.
  • Displaying films, pictures and declaims automatically in Gallery with the possibility of filtering the existing information.
  • Panorama pictures from Molana tomb.
  • Farsi dictionary containing more than 250000 words.
  • Displaying the biography of poets and writers in various ways such as geographical location, time table and the map of poet's life events on Google Map.
  • The flexible user interface with zoom and pan possibility.
  • Classic and silver skin
  • Book List
Attention:  Dorj 4 is ready to download; so there will be no shipping price added to its original price. That means after your payment is completed successfully, "Dorj 4" will be available to download in your account and the serial number will be emailed to you in 24 hours afterward.


The discount of 40% is available for you if you have at least one of the previous versions of Dorj (Dorj 1.0, Dorj 2.0, Ganj-e-Sokhan or Dorj 3.0).

To receive your own coupon, just register in the web site and send us a clear picture of your own package including: the image of box, CD and support card. 

Old price:  $17.00
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